Sunday, 27 February 2011

Little Haul :)

I went shopping on Friday and picked up a couple of clothes :)

Bleach Denim Jacket from Topshop - £40
Floral Skirt from H&M- £12.99
Red Blouse From Zara - £29.99
Blue Floral Skirt from H&M- £7.99
Playsuit from H&M - £24.99
Baggy Blue Crop Top from H&M - £7.99

I didn't get too much, or anything that interesting but still hope you like :)


  1. I love your jacket and the skirt! thanks for following my blog, I'm following back!

    I have an ASOS giveaway on at the moment! check out my blog for details!


  2. Ahh you went on a massive shopping haul! I'm being frugal this Feb.. but it's nearly over so hopefully will be able to spend the little dosh that I have on a cute skirt like your H&M purchases. Cheap and cheerful :).. I may even be able to buy two hehe

    Love your blog!


  3. You picked up some lovely stuff :) I really like the h&m skirt xx.

  4. denim jackets are a must for the summer xx